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Bespoke software is the way forward

Bespoke software can be cutting edge. You can use brand new technologies and ideas that off-the-shelf software has not got around to yet.
Bespoke software lets you get software that fits your business, rather than trying to fit your business around existing software.
Bugs and issues with off-the-shelf software may never get fixed. Only one version of the source code exists and you can't get it! Bespoke software can be fixed or modified immediately.
Businesses and their processes change and evolve over time. Bespoke software lets your software keep up with your business.
Bespoke software can join up areas where off-the-shelf software can't. For example having a website, CRM database and ordering system built together means that they all communicate with each other, sharing data and key functions.
Bespoke software can fill a gap in the market where off-the-shelf software just doesn't exist.

Bespoke Project Sizes!

It is a common misconception that bespoke software is huge and expensive. All government projects seem to cost around a billion pounds and still go over budget!

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Bespoke software could be as little as a week's worth of development perhaps building a tool to integrate with existing systems, up to a phased development and roll out project spanning over many years.

Evesham Solutions has experience and an excellent track record with both sizes and all sizes in between.